Mass spectrograms detailing the exact outgassing compounds are available on request. The default setting for the joystick is coarse speed. The following commands are valid only on the Model Ethernet Controller. Intelligent Stepper Drives Single-axis intelligent controllers with integrated amplifiers designed for applications using two-phase stepper motors. Lights if servo is enabled or motion is commanded when no motor is present. It will try to find a DHCP server with no success. Removal of the knob will prevent the Picomotor from functioning properly and void the warranty.

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Shank 12 x intellignet. Digital and analog single-axis motion controllers with integrated servo power amplifiers designed for applications using brushless AC or brush-commutated DC motors up to 1. Connect the Network Out port of the joystick to the Network In port of the driver using a Model communication cable.

Reserve an IP Address e. The abstract More information. When supplemented with a joystick or hand terminal, the driver kit can be used for stand-alone operation.

This will toggle between the three motor channels; the user will not need to type in a number to select the channel.

For a Model C closed-loop driver, returns the current position in encoder counts. The following section takes you through the basic steps for setting up a system with the Model Network Controller.


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If there is a problem. In this way, the hand terminal can control any driver or element in your network. It allows for both simultaneous operation by multiple users with multiple modrl and operation through a single port.

The commands are case insensitive. POS Integration Prepared by: Optional values are indicated by square brackets []. DLL is a dynamic link library of functions that can be used to develop custom applications for the New Focus Intelligent Picomotor drivers and joystick modules. Pushing on aluminum or stainless-steel surfaces will wear out the ball tip.

Picomotor Controller and Driver Module, Open-Loop, 4 Channel

This translates to lifetimes of over 1 billion steps. Inquiry User Login Register. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. When the DCN Utility is started for the first intelligen, each of the modules will be programmed with default operating values during initialization.

After installing your device, locate the serial number on the label of More information. If the user presses this key again to toggle to another channel, the amplifier will be disabled, the channel changed, and then the amplifier re-enabled.

Execute command immediately if present. I1 to I31 Channel: Last six digits of MAC address are used to generate default host name picomotoor the controller. Read these instructions All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product is operated.


As such, the default host name is always unique, and the intwlligent can get different network configuration parameters IP address, network mask, gateway, and name-server addresses from a DHCP server on the user s network each time it powers-up or resets.

Disables closed-loop mode enables open-loop mode. The default setting for the joystick is coarse speed.

Ethernet configuration and communication options are described in detail in the Using the Ethernet section beginning on page Returns the motor type setting for the selected channel on all the drivers, for the selected channel on a specified driver, or for the specified channel on a driver.

Please be aware that we may require up to 30 Days to determine the products export classifications [Export Control Classification Number ECCN ] and in the unlikely event that an export license is required, kodel would need infelligent additional Days for licensing.

Set the following parameters: If this switch is set to ON upthen the controller asks for password on subsequent Telnet sessions.