For wide carriage Model , be sure you have wide paper loaded! Choose 8 lines per inch for tighter line spacing, to get more lines per page. Lower front of cartridge over printhead until it snaps into place, then turn knob in direction of arrow clockwise to take up ribbon slack. Page 70 Cleaning the Housing You should clean the printer every six months or after about hours of operation. With cable for connection to printer. Pull paper, and place first two holes on each side over tractor pins.

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In the Epson and IBM emulations, the choices are 10 cpi, 12cpi, 15cpi, 17cpi, 20cpi, or Proportional. Glows when printer is selected, ready to receive data. Bottom feed continuous forms only, thickness to 0. Remove plastic covering over opening for serial board in back panel:. Page 63 The I-Prime signal is sent over the parallel interface pin 31 and will automatically override any settings you have made using the front panel buttons.

The printer driver you have engaged does not agree with the emulation selected for your printer. Selecting Microliine Pitch Character Pitch button The character pitch determines the width mjcroline the individual characters and is measured in characters per inch cpi. Installing the Serial Interface Caution!


Operation This chapter explains how to operate your printer. Swing access cover and paper separator back into place. This feature is normally turned off. Page 62 … the Alarm light is on and the Character Pitch 15 light is flashing?

Use clean, dry cloth to dust area around carriage shaft and platen. Choose No factory default or Yes. OKI assumes no responsibility for the results of errors beyond its control. Turn knob in direction of arrow clock-wise to take up any slack in ribbon.

Oki MICROLINE : Printer User Manual

Each time you press the ITEM button a line will print, showing the next item within the group. Resets Paper Out Alarm. Loading Rear-Feed Paper The rear-feed paper path is recommended for single-thickness, continuous fan-fold paper when printing spreadsheets, long reports, etc.

Open access cover and lift off pull-up roller assembly. To temporarily change the Top of Form setting for a particular print job, deselect the printer and press the LF button until you reach the TOF position micropine want to use.

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Menu Mode When your printer is in the Menu Mode, you can use the front panel controls to change the defaults for the printer parameters, including emulation, page length, line spacing, typeface, pitch, etc.

OKI Microline 9 Pin Dot Matrix Printer

Page 68 Replace pull-up roller assembly Lift off pull-up roller assembly 62 2. Page Board 3. It also explains how to install the optional Serial Interface Board and gives the pin assignments for the serial interface. Prints current Group Menu Setting. Paper Handling Your printer has several handy paper handling features: Page mifroline DSR Signal.

You must supply the cable for connecting your printer to your computer. Never attach or remove the pull-up roller assembly when the paper separator is in the standing state. Tractor covers Lock lever Reference marks Wire feed guide To run microljne Font Test: Page 99 Microline Function Vertical Control cont.

Page Appendix D: