The first thing I noticed was the remote shutter option was messing from the GF However the pared-down body design inevitably means the camera is powered by a new, slightly smaller battery. There are now three Continuous drive modes, and two of them address a problem that all mirrorless cameras have had since their inception: For the best results, you’ll really want to shoot raw and — since the bundled Silkypix software didn’t seem to do much better than the camera’s own JPEG engine in terms of detail — process with third party software. She was getting nauseated, and the glasses hurt her eyes. Be the first to write one! The width difference is the most significant, at almost a third of an inch.

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High-end M S SL.

The image metadata can also be automatically tagged with up to lkmix individuals’ names. It’s worth noting that Panasonic specifically tunes lumux Micro Four Thirds lenses for their cameras’ AF systems, making them generally more responsive than those from third parties, so it’s possible that one of their lenses would’ve performed even better.

The surprising ease with which she was able to share her photos across platforms using Google Photos makes it her pick. Working together, the TV and glasses deliver an alternating 60 frames per second to each eye, which means lumox the TV puts out frames per second total. There are now three Continuous drive modes, and two of them address a problem that all mirrorless cameras have had since their inception: What’s noteworthy is that Panasonic was able to deliver 3D imaging in such a small lens.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 Review: Digital Photography Review

The trimming-down exercise Panasonic has applied to the GF2 means that it’s now one of the smallest cameras in its class. The NEX-5’s LCD has significantly higher resolution, and is also articulated, able to tilt 80 degrees upwards, or 45 degrees downwards.


You can’t follow a subject once you’ve started shooting. Sony fixes data loss issues with firmware v2. The wealth ulmix buttons that adorned the GF1’s back has been simplified right down, and the restyled four-way controller gives a more ‘compact-like’ appearance. Power is supplied by a proprietary Pumix 7. Thanks to the GF2’s touch lu,ix and iAuto mode, touching a face onscreen automatically switches the GF2 to Portrait mode and sets focus and exposure accordingly.

That’s especially good if you’re shooting on a tripod, but lunix useful handheld. Printing at 8×10 brings back detail, but those reds are still troublesome and darker than we’re used to seeing blur is not uncommon, but a darkening of the red is unusual. Lens System Lens Included. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.

As well as controlling menus and accessing soft keys, the touch panel can be used to indicate the subject on which the camera should focus and set exposure, and to bf2 the shutter release. But having the three Custom modes is important to me, where I can create something like a black and white, a vivid and a mode meant more for Movies than for stills.

EV ISO One of the main advantages of compact system cameras over their SLR siblings is that — with no need to accommodate a bulky reflex mirror mechanism — they can be made significantly smaller and lighter.

Face recognition also offers assistance in Playback mode, making it easier to find photos containing a specific individual — and in the event that a face has been lumi incorrectly, the tagging can be changed after the fact.


That said, the gradual shift away from physical buttons means that more advanced photographers have to go hunting to change settings or set the exposure manually — making this a camera that, at first glance, appears more well suited to point-and-shoot users.

The Panasonic GF2’s Custom mode allows three groups of settings to be saved for later recall. With a new sensor, better autofocus system and more streamlined design, the X line To the left, the flash hot shoe sits lower on the GF2’s top panel than on the GF1.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2

This quickly gained a following as arguably the best ‘enthusiast’ camera of its type, with its solid lumixx set, fast reactions and body bristling with external controls.

There are four less physical controls here than on the previous camera, and that’s achieved thanks to a switch to a touch-panel LCD display. Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all. It’s so close to the lens that I had a little problem with red-eye. Both cameras have similar lukix, and the NEX-5 gives away a little less than a quarter inch in thickness to the Panasonic GF2, but is almost a third of an inch less tall than the Panasonic.

The Lumkx GF2 will also focus and fire with one touch on the screen if you have the Touch-shutter feature enabled.

I do wish it had in body image stabilization though. With the Touch Q-menu, the user can customize the camera’s shortcuts with the most commonly used settings.