This make the kernel wait a little longer for the cdrom status. I also had to disable i2c support. Best was till now to drop external mouse support in xorg. It is not necessary to enable fbcondecor to have a boot splash screen, but enabling it provides additional functionality. Now go into one of the terminals you see on your screen and type in exit or press Ctrl-D until Xorg shuts down.

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Just boot up with a linux live cd tested the live ubuntu 7. Compile the kernel with those options:.

problems with kernel upgrade – Intel i810 won’t start

The Xserver was starting but i dont see any buttons juss plain screen when i started X Then i did a emerge Xorg-x11 now i slap myself for doing that thinking i will start from scratch.

Now your right Apple key works as Alt Gr. To verify that it contains the theme that you chose you may use this command:. The Gentoo Linux Power Management Guide explains how lower the backlight gentop the power cord is unplugged.

I’ve got the error “intelfb: The problem can be solved using -force option but not sure whether it’s a proper solution. Gentoo developer Spock has created a set of tools which enrich the Linux boot process by displaying messages, animations, progress bars etc.


tyamada22のブログ:EeePC に Gentoo を入れる

If you are using sound in your kernel, then re-build your kernel now. If you won’t be using Mac OS X at all, you may get away without messing around with GPT and all the rest, which is probably the easiest way, especially if you have a PC background. First the kernel must be compiled the proper way using genkernel. That’s why for a second or two you might be seeing the kernel messages. The other option can be set to verbose or silent.

So reboot using rEFIt and select partition tool. Spock has stopped development on vesafb-tng, and now works on uvesafb, which is located at: Replace hd0,0 with your boot partition. Unless Apple repairs the bug the only known workaround is to plug in an external USB keyboard and use it to select the alternate boot images. You have to change the InputDevice section in xorg. Use the vanilla-kernel if you have issues with building a kernel.

This make the kernel wait a little longer for the cdrom status. It is assumed that the custom theme ‘newtheme’, a resolution of x, 32bpp and a refresh rate of 70Hz are used.

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Gentoo Wiki Archives – HOWTO_fbsplash

Apple Laptop Articles to be split. TheCat Tux’s lil’ helper Joined: Make sure you have “cpuid” set in the kernel. In the past this could be done by using resolution, but this is no option anymore. I think it’s a good idea to reboot at this stage, or reload your alsa modules.

This simply switches on and off the external monitor, without switching off the internal lcd. This will work with modern, non-specialized routers, if additional configuration wireless extensions is needed, see the MadWifi Wiki. Framebuffer support and GenSplash.

First, delete the present initramfs image: Trying to install rEFIt after installing a Linux bootloader can cause problems.

I ran lsusb and took the numbers from the device with xxxx: There are no details for Xen kernel configuration specific to the MacBook Pro that need to be highlighted. Fri Sep 23, 7: