Wow, I feel so late to the party. What really kicked me in the guts was my neighbour. Come and see me and say hello. Serviced these two beauties today! If it were, we wouldn’t see any orange in the light. You would have to convert both bulb or one side to a bi filament bulb.

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Click for Advanced Search. Dual Headlight setup daytona09 And you’re ozzy which is as close to local as I can get: The Twinlight Driver turns on after engine start or a delay much better than on straight away.

Dont have the mix you do tho All you need is to have your high beams pointing straight down at the floor: Hey GuJohnno, which shipping did you select and how long did it take? I know you may not be able to tell from just the photo, but will this work with your gwilight or not? Installation was fairly simple: Brad ASA Full power high beam Eclipze Most people say a 35W HID is plenty for the low beam.

I originally made the Twinlight because when I got theI started having some sphinter tightening moments on the regular commute to work.


Скачать Shift I – смотреть онлайн

Find More Posts by secrtagt. If at night, use a torch on the light sensor to trick it into thinking it’s daylight to configure daylight mode.

I’m UK based so I hope that shipping wouldn’t be too much of a problem? So you are stuck with one lamp as a low beam, and the other a high beam, unless you spend a lot of money and do a lot of custom work to replace the headlamp assembly.

Wednesday my boiz, actually it’s day 19 and I get to sip one of my go to beers!

Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

The standard H7 bulb is around lumens. He’ll be checking in here shortly with some exciting news. Prepare for the spam for the next few weeks! The like a lot of the modern bikes has a very sharp cutoff on the low beam, and cagers just don’t see the low beam.

Then you can just scroll through the different modes with each highbeam flash to pick the one you like. What about really good price for your neighbours across the ditch?

Not much is available in H9, as it’s already quite a high performance bulb. I set up my twin light driver onto the new bike over the weekend.

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Are those Xtecs better at night Although you can set any of the modes to run at night, it wouldn’t be legal to do it. The top photo looks a reasonable match in brightness. Stick with 35W version.

Twliight you wanted better colour match, you really want a bulb around the to K range.

Fcuk she’s a bute!!! Basically it provides partial power to the highbeam, so it doesn’t dazzle oncoming traffic and cause them to blind you back.

If you wanted to keep the low beam off until after the engine is started, then I made a gadget a couple of twilighht ago to do that for HIDs. Eclipze made us a twin headlight driver using the exsisting bulbs and could still use the High beam also.

Hi Eclipze, Can you put me down for one of these? What an tiwlight year we have had.