Kismac for the Mac, Netstumbler for a PC box or wiki-it-out-yerself for linux. You can download a generic Bluetooth driver from Broadcom for your computer. I am thinking of replacing wifi at a local shop. I can’t do that for the laptop card, so it’s no surprise that it has poorer reception. Video of updating the wireless network adapter driver through Device.

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Hang on a minute. Just installed Windows 7 Home Premium. My apartment building, in the internet ghetto called China, was wired with cheap ethernet cables and provides marginal performance.

If you want very few issues with a router that does SD The router is set to g only. My computer will not detect the new wireless adapter. Have you used something like ‘netstumbler’ to suss out interfering local networks?

WiFi/Internet Connection problem.

All those precious milliseconds of our lives down the drain as we wait for renegotiations. Message 3 of Advanced Linux Sound Architecture v: Once the hotspot is setup you can share your PC’s connection with other computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Did you go to the Device drop nesttumbler menu and select the alternate controller?


If your current router is secure separate issue why upgrade if you can get better speed netstumblwr free? This will help you avoid dead spots.

In a last-ditch attempt I tried a win7 x64 driver, but as expected it didn’t worked. Firstly yes, the location at the moment is not ideal. Video of updating the wireless network adapter driver through Device. I found that a carefully built 40x30cm sized parabolic reflector and a hetstumbler dB” 30 cm whip antenna eliminated hot and dead spots at the very edge of rated coverage.

I found that recent Win 10 update on hp.

WiFi/Internet Connection problem. | Support Forums

If you are using your laptop’s internal antennae find out where they are located. As saab and hellsbrink mention, location is everything with wifi. netstumlber

How long should a laptop last? Results 1 – 25 of Any advice on which manufacturers to consider or avoid?

Apple MacBook Pro New, Netsrumbler all about the signal strength and quality. Perhaps install netstumbler on the gfriends machine? Those are false positives, apologies for not warning. No, there is not separate router and this one is in fact an EMTA wireless modem. I replaced it with a brand new external dongle:.


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It does not come with a driver disk but this can be downloaded from the TP-Link website Thanks hellsbrink, I’ll give that a go. That’s why physical cable is and always will be better than wireless. Time to resurrect a long dormant thread.

Got an Atheros on here as well.