Thank you for your reply. I do not use the proprietary drivers, by the way never got around to have them working, see my answer to that question. I believe they are Xorg? April 3rd, 1. You can see these by lsmod: No matter what I tried, it kept on spewing the non-power of two problem. The Virtual Box or any any virtual machine software creates a virtual computer with virtual hardware that are completely compatible with Linux.

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Can anyone identify the problem? I do know that the main issues are either host graphics drivers or the guest additions in the guest. I switch between them some times. Try searching the forums first with Sysyemberatung and add the site filter for this forum. I just checked one of the faulty VMs, and it worked again.

I do the VirtualBox 3D accelerator checkbox checked. But that way the performance of adapetr things graphic card, basically will be horrible; the installed distro will use the default “vga” drivers which have no acceleration whatsover.

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The Virtual Box or any any virhualbox machine software creates a virtual computer with virtual hardware that are completely compatible with Linux. Hello, I am using media sdk server with i7, sentOS, Is there a way to validate that graphic driver in installed and running? I have to be doing something stupid. You can test the memory by going to memtest- fee memtest Google [Bot]Keesler, mpack and 31 guests.

For example, on your card by default Xorg will use the open source “radeon” driver.

Is graphic driver installed ?

Mint installs their own version fork by default systemberatumg those usually are not compatible with a normal install of VirtualBox. The Media Server Studio graphics stack is a special purpose collection of changes for best media processing in Linux.

adaptsr Detected driver is not on the whitelist. I am able to have VirtualBox issue a Shutdown and Ubuntu comes down normally. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

Return to VirtualBox on Windows Hosts. The three log files are each under a meg, so I’ll try to attach them directly. The virtual machine is sitting on top of a hardware abstraction layer inside the VirtualBox space. I believe they are Xorg? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


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Last edited by socratis on Sun Jan 08, 6: Leave a Comment Please sign in to add a comment. I’m going back to my own. Eject what ever it is and then use the device tab again.

Several components need to be in place for Media Server Studio hardware acceleration in Linux. I did notice there were a few differences for the compiz install between gnome and KDE. What I found is that digging deep into the details of a particular graphics card and determining what type of memory a particular card uses is really difficult. April 3rd, 1. Compress if it is too large to post.

VB doesn’t support Aero, how can you have it in a Guest? Or did you mean the Host is W7?