If you have a separate receipt printer from your ticket printer you need to already have installed the driver for that printer before completing this step. However, you can’t install the PassThrough on windows 7 due to the following error: Occasionally, a printer will ignore the black line sensor and insist on using the edge gap sensor. Accept all the defaults from here on and the printer will be installed. Proudly powered by WordPress. In this case, we have downloaded a new driver to C:

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Printing to Datamax Thermal Label Printer in UNIX | Jaspersoft Community

In today’s world known as the “claw” design makes it a worldwide recognition of one of the very high table. The small bundle of ppassthrough included with the printer will not be used with our software but will be used when setting up your printer for the first time.

To obtain a driver that is compatible with this version of windows you are running, contact the manufacturer. In general, the Windows printing system is fairly reliable, but it can cause trouble. Yes, my password is: Instructions for changing this setting are on page 27 of your Datamax User Guide. If this happens to a printer, look in section 4.

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Setting up a Datamax Ee | Center Stage Software Help Desk

I currently have to use the Datamax PassThrough driver to print from the software Passthdough use. They are different in that they also contain information about the font, rotation, horizontal, and vertical multipliers. If the printer stops between each ticket, make sure the Pause between labels box is not checked. This is one place where you may want to change things later.

If this is the case, the media type needs to be changed from transfer passthrojgh direct. You still need to set the paper size, orientation, label mark, and black line offset.

I have a Datamax Passthgough E Install the printer driver. I’ve tried disabling the following Group Policy Object. Close the printhead and push it down until the turquoise latch holds it down.

Windows 7 kernel-mode print driver

In case I am doing something wrong, here is the code I am using to generate the output: Present Sensor Again, while in the Datamax driverdo a right click under Properties. Check to make sure Present Sensor is enabled. If you are doing reports on this computer you must install the driver for your report printer before completing this next step. Apr 15 – 1: Many times, the Windows text drivers give problems that can be fixed by sending the proper codes to passthgough printer.


Feed the passthrugh with the color side up and the text on the reverse of the ticket going into the mechanism in an upside down orientation. Load the ticket stock. Set the top offset to be —1. Before the start of the next print job, it gets pulled back in so the ticket can print from edge to edge.

Setting up a Datamax E-4205e

E eject the print job This command HAS to work. You probably have the stock in backwards. It simply removes them.

The codes are formatted like this in Tixsales: Does it have a green light? Click on File Page Setup Print setup. Normally you could choose the top radio button and use your Datamax printer as your receipt printer.

Set the label sensor to be Label mark.